Los Boliches is situated in Fuengirola which in turn is situated between Malaga and Marbella.
Fuengirola stretches throughout 8 kilometres of coast, with beautiful  beaches such as Carvajal,
Los Boliches, San Franscisco, Santa Amelia and El Castillo. Thanks to its excellent climate and
the hospitality of its people, Fuengirola is a favourite tourist destination. There are many ex pats
that have chosen Los Boliches as a haven and a better way of life.
There are regular markets, a castle, a zoo, a fantastic paseo, a water park and plenty of places to
explore, this is made all the easier by being on a flat terrain, unlike places such as Torreblanca,
Los Pacos and Benelmadena.
Los Boliches is situated between Fuengirola and Torreblanca and is classed by many as 'the
better district'. It is a bustling area with many bars, cafe's and restaurants.
People in this area are known for their hospitality and friendliness. Family values are so much a
part of everyday life which means that places here are child friendly.
A view of the marina and coastline
Blue skies, golden sand,
A slower pace of life, time
to chill out, relax, have
Go for long walks, laze on
the beach, take long

The Feria in October
sees the in Spanish
costumes parading
around on horses. Join
in the fun of the funfair
at the Feria ground,
along with stalls and
Virgen del Carmen (16th July) is very
popular with a marine-terrestrial
procession of the Patron of the Sea.
Well worth seeing.
Most of the nightlife centres around
the bars and restaurants on the
promenade, while in the streets
behind, bistros and bars make
everyone welcome.
Los Boliches - Fuengirola
Los Boliches is situated 20 minutes by cab or 40 minutes by train from Malaga airport. It may be
advisable to try and book a cab to meet you at the airport, as on busy days it can be a bit of a The
journey by both cab or train will give you an insight into the Costa Del Sol, with many sights to
take in on route to your holiday destination.
every Tuesday. This is also where all the The
firework displays on these nights are
for refreshments and a well earned rest.
When visiting the market or Ferias be careful
with your valuables as it gets very crowded,
and there may be pickpockets about.
On Saturdays there is a boot sale type market
where bargains are to be had.
Be warned that Fuengirola is reputedly the
largest market on the Costa Del Sol, it's not
advisable to attempt it if you've been out on
the town to the early hours the night before.
Buses run right to the market and cabs are
another option, should you not be staying
close by.
Whether by day or by night, areas
are a real pleasure.
You can amble for hours just
enjoying the sights and the

Don't be afraid to explore and
learn more about this area and
the culture.

Catch a ferry from the port to
Benalmadena, it makes a change
from the bus or train.
Check out the excursions on
offer and travel a little bit further
spectacular in the
evenings. If you have
visited places such as
Mijas during the day,
try going back after
the coastal areas lit up
against the night sky.
You'll be pleasantly